Bradbury House

Bradbury House offer both residential and domiciliary care, including Bendalls Farm, a daycare centre that provides an excellent opportunity benefiting from an open and quiet environment, enabling learning and the development of new skills. The 250 acre farm is situated on the Mendip plateaux, just 5 miles from the market city of Wells and enables service users to enjoy an outdoor farming and agricultural environment. A benefit of having so much land is that we are able to keep a large variety of livestock, giving the opportunity to help out with farm animals such as pigs, sheep, cattle and chickens, to more exotic animals such as llamas, rheas and water buffalo. Bendalls Farm aims to be as sustainable as possible. We have several large vegetable patches which provide us with seasonal produce, and our selection of livestock produces quality pork, lamb and beef, which is used throughout the organisation. Service users not only enjoy eating the produce, they have the opportunity to grow it as well. On site three groups have been formed that each run various activities that include horticulture and animal care as well arts and crafts and cooking. Often the farm will have visits from other professionals giving unique courses such as Stone Wall building, Owl box making and Honey Bee Extraction. Bendalls Farm also offers the benefit of a nature trail, a forest and various indoor workshops. Regular social events for service users are also hosted at the farm, such as barbecues, games days, presentation evenings and bonfire nights just to name just a few.